For about the price of a typical garage door opener, you'll Never Be Stranded Again with broken
garage door springs!

Review the following Video Links to learn more about the Nitrolift Garage Door Counterbalance System. The Nitrolift has been proven to be a better alternative to torsion and extension springs.

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The Nitrolift® System is Different…Very Different!

Have you ever missed work or been late to a special event because your garage door wouldn't open and you couldn't leave your home? Have you ever experienced a situation where you couldn't get into your home because your garage door wouldn't open and you didn't have a key to any other door? If you have a garage, then you've experienced these situations...probably more than once. The most common cause of garage door failures is broken door springsGarage door springs are designed to offset the weight of the garage door so that the door can be easily lifted. When door springs break, the door is nearly impossible to move.


All current residential garage door counterbalancing systems have been based on coil spring designs…. until now!  

Well informed homeowners are choosing the Nitrolift Garage Door Counterbalance System to eliminate the inconvenience of dealing with unexpected and catastrophic breaks or failures with typical garage door springs. Wouldn't you prefer to have a system that is guaranteed not to fail for as long as you own your home? That's called "peace of mind" and the Nitrolift System provides just that. The Nitrolift System is the next generation in garage door counterbalancing products. 

  • 100,000 Cycles - Typical garage door springs are made to last only 10,000 cycles. The Nitrolift has been tested beyond 100,000 cycles.  Yes…10 TIMES the performance!
  • Springs Break - Garage door springs break instantaneously WITHOUT WARNING!  You can’t plan for a broken door spring. The Nitrolift uses Nitrogen gas actuator technology. No instantaneous breaks or failures. That’s the key benefit of gas actuators and it’s a realized benefit for you.
  • Peace of mind - Your children can use the garage as an extended play area without the possibility of the door spring giving-way with a sudden burst of energy and noise (have you ever heard a garage door spring break?  It’s quite the explosion).
  • No Surprises - No missed events, activities, or a boss who's upset with you for calling in late to work. 
  • Extremely Quiet - No metal-on-metal grinding and clanging with the Nitrolift.  Couple the Nitrolift with a top-of-the-line belt drive garage door operator for complete "No-noise" satisfaction.
  • Guaranteed for Life - That’s right, a Lifetime Limited Warranty from the factory. We support you and our Authorized Nitrolift Dealers with a warranty that is second to none. We are confident in the quality and reliability of our product.    





One thing other companies don't often talk about is the quality of their dealers. We feel we have the best ones in the industry. Each Authorized Dealer goes through a rigorous pre-qualification phase before they can sell and install the Nitrolift System.

Before deciding on a garage door dealer, learn more about the people who actually install them.



Engineered Hardware, LLC is always looking to add new Authorized Nitrolift Dealers.  There are still some open areas available nationwide. 

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